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Chances are, if you’re living in a city being exposed to pollutants is more than just likely. What’s more is that indoor air can be even more toxic in some cases due to concentration over time. Household pollution can be a major risk factor of various diseases for you and your family. In May 2018, a World Health Organization (WHO) report suggested that more than 4 million people die premature deaths because of indoor air pollution.

When buying an air purifier, consider the size, it has to be the right fit for your home. Buying one that is too small for your room will not allow the purifier to clean the air completely and keep it clean constantly. Our technicians know just the best one for you! Air purifiers have HEPA filters. This is the thick filter that captures airborne particles, seen and unseen

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Very pleased

Our air-conditioning was the original that came with the home built in 1991. It was time for a replacement. They did a great job and gave a fair price. My neighbor also used them. We even agreed to put up. FENCO sign in front of our house for them for a little while. Very pleased with their service.

- MB

fixed everything

Out of everyone I called, they’re the best. Came on time and fixed everything and they were clean. Will definitely refer you guys

- Adam K

informative & honest

Nabil was informative & honest & knowledgeable. Everyone is happy when your house is nice and cool on a very warm day. Repair was completed quickly, and cost was very fair. I highly recommend Fenco.

- Michael D

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