Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

When you are in charge of a commercial organization, time is money. You might already know that keeping your company cool in the blistering heat is vital to maintaining business. That is why you need an efficient commercial air conditioning that you and your employees can count on!


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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial systems are usually enormous which means that the complexity of the problem is also greater. Like your vehicle, your commercial property’s air conditioning system should be maintained on a standard basis. A commercial ac system that is well designed and installed leads to enhanced productivity and better work environment. The AC unit might get overloaded. So when it’s time to put in a new unit for your facility, you are in need of a trustworthy solution with quick service so that you’re able to return to business as usual, here is where our HVAC technicians at Fenco in Placentia have got you covered.

A good installation can create an immense difference in comfort and energy savings. Our AC installation experts in Placentia are dependable and are in a position to help you in locating the unit to fit your circumstance best, however knowing what you’re looking for will make it possible for you to take your decision with utmost confidence and them in doing their job exceptionally.

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Why Do You Need Commercial Air Conditioning?

Here are few of the many reasons you need to opt for one:

1. The well-being and productivity of your employees: An overheated workplace can and will decrease the efficiency of your employees. An ongoing study reports that individuals in workplaces without an AC that works appropriately squandered over an hour daily because of the overbearing heat. The time that your workers squander is money wasted for your business. Air conditioning systems that work great keep your employees working more diligently making your business increasingly more profitable.

2. Improved Concentration: Not exclusively will your representatives work more enthusiastically with AC, they will work more brilliant. It has been demonstrated that those working in workplaces without cooling commit more errors, have shorter focus ranges and have a harder time taking care of complex issues. You need your representatives to be sharp and quick on their feet while at work. This is practically impossible when it is undesirably hot.

Proficient Air Conditioning Service at Fenco HVAC

Our goal is to make people conscious of the choices they make with air conditioning systems and guide them to pick the most efficient system to suit their needs when it comes to their business. We know the value of keeping your business cool in the hot summertime. Moreover, it is going to make a big difference in the event the cooling system is installed correctly and proficiently by our group of experts in Placentia. We also offer our air conditioning service in Ontario, Diamond Bar and Alta Loma in California.

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Very pleased

Our air-conditioning was the original that came with the home built in 1991. It was time for a replacement. They did a great job and gave a fair price. My neighbor also used them. We even agreed to put up. FENCO sign in front of our house for them for a little while. Very pleased with their service.

- MB

fixed everything

Out of everyone I called, they’re the best. Came on time and fixed everything and they were clean. Will definitely refer you guys

- Adam K

informative & honest

Nabil was informative & honest & knowledgeable. Everyone is happy when your house is nice and cool on a very warm day. Repair was completed quickly, and cost was very fair. I highly recommend Fenco.

- Michael D

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